Your reliable partner in the field of telecommunications and IP telephony

Telstar Holdings Company – is a team of qualified IT-specialists in the area of innovative communication technologies, directed on the provision the stable and secure connection for corporate clients and private persons. The key mission of the company is creation the obtainable and multifunctional communication system, and the new generation data transmission. Telstar Holdings activities are aimed at creation of the topical products, that match to the requirements of the modern telecommunications market.


Cooperation with Telstar Holdings Сompany will permit to save on the international communication services and can be a source of stable income with minimal risk and investment. We offer the favorable conditions of the partner program for companies and private persons, engaged in provision of IP-telephony services and implementation technologies of digital data transmission. Telstar Holdings Company – is a reliable and stable partner in the development of mutually profitable communications solutions based on the VoIP-telephony.

  • VACO technologies
    CEO of the company

    We got a positive impression of the company.  Personally know the CEO. It is easy and pleasant to work with such a man. Telstar Holdings is a very reliable business partner and there is no doubt in the future with such a company.

  • Flames Group SIA
    CEO of the company

    Working with Telstar Holdings is one of the significant asset's of our company! This organization is a professional in the industry and also it is secure in partnership. Telstar Holdings provides rapid solution of any issues by the qualified employees in set terms.

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